Blueline BH100 Berry Harvester The new Blueline BH100 “Columbia” is the first major re-design of a berry harvester in 20 years. Fueled by a $2.4 million USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture grant, researchers from the University of California, Berkeley; University of Florida; University of Georgia; Michigan State University; Mississippi State University; North Carolina State University; Oregon State University; Penn State University; Washington State University; and USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) seek to provide lower cost options. The leader in profits, production and education for produce, Researchers Develop Lower-Cost Options For Blueberry Harvest Assist Systems, Get the Latest on #Coronavirus and How It's Affecting the Industry, The Berry Business in 2020 Is Good, But Not Easy, Bold Brand Refresh Rolled Out by Wish Farms, Survey Says State of the Florida Citrus Sector Is Strong, 2020 Florida Citrus Industry Pulse Survey Download, Why You Should Test Peak Salinity in Pistachio Orchards. The Harvest Assist System The team’s system is a moving platform pulled by a small tractor, or preferably self-propelled and self-steering — what he calls an “in-between” system. N° 1 fan – supplementary fan on demand. The team plans to include the modifications of shock-absorbing pads on the handles, as well as tethering shakers to platforms. Especially suitable for the small field, land ,hills . He says the team is using the impact sensor to study how the shake and catch system impacts fruit so they can fine-tune the operating parameters and design features — vibration frequency, magnitude, and the shaker angle relative to the blueberry bush. In field studies, a tool-support balancer showed positive effects and a shock-absorbing pad reduced the vibration caused by the pneumatic system. Small-scale timber harvesting systems with lower capital costs optimize at lower levels of productivity (3). 2012 Mckibben Blueberry Harvester Pull-along blueberry harvester, suitable for small or large berry operations. Blueberry | Raspberry | Blackberry. Good quality and reasonable price. KOKAN 500S is towed behind harvester that efficiently harvests blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, black currants, haskap and other berries. KOKAN 500S is a towed behind harvester that efficiently harvests blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, black currents, haskap and other berries. Hide Advanced Filters. For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 1-250-273-2141 or fill out the following form. We have experience working with growers in a variety of berry crops including jojoba, sour cherries, aronia, haskcaps and saskatoons. Walk Behind Harvesters At last a blueberry harvester that does not require a tractor. The Harvest Assist System In ‘Legacy’ blueberry, the bruised area was less than eight percent in fruit harvested by hand and with an air-powered shaker compared to more than 25 percent in ‘Legacy’ harvested by an OTR harvester. However, the ultimate goal of this project is to create a system that is scale neutral — so it can be appealing to small growers as well as to large growers through increases in high-quality yields and worker efficiency. How much can a mature blueberry plant produce? It is smaller in size than traditional blueberry harvesters and provides improved visibility, easier operation, improved maneuverability, and the lowest fruit catching height for extremely effective harvesting of small to medium sized blueberry bushes. Click to Request Price. Although a sandy soil is best for drainage, heavier soils may be used if internal drainage is adequate. Oxbo berry harvesters--proudly built in the USA to customer specifications. Used Blueberry Harvesters; Videos; Parts; Service; News; Contact; Join the community. Apple Harvester. Most production is in Maine, with a small amount in neighbouring New Hampshire and Massachusetts. A mature blueberry plant can produce anywhere from 5-20 lbs. Researchers have already developed a sensor to measure the impact of harvesting on the tender fruit, and this project seeks to pair the sensor with research into cost-effective mechanized harvest options for small- and mid-size growers. It uses pulsating air jets of controled velocity and frequency to shake plant bush and detaches the fruits, receive fruits with delayed free fall on catching system and remove dry leaves/twigs by intensive air stream. It`s a pull behind picker perfect for small or large blueberry farms. In the heart of Tignish lies a business that has carved out a niche for itself within the wild blueberry industry, creating labour-saving mechanical harvesters. Blueberry Packing Equipment and Mechanical Harvester - $2 (Hudson) Assorted blueberry handling and packing equipment(Can be used for other small fruits). Mechanical berry harvesters with mechanical shaking technology with percussion system are represented on the world markets. Of grower including muscle activity and heart rate is in Maine, with shaker. Packingline efficiency and blueberry quality do not need to make several steps — positioning, shaking, collection. For small allotments, greenhouses, plants lines hyperspectral imaging system new blueline BH100 Columbia... How to Profit from blueberry Sales Ideal machine for small allotments, greenhouses, lines. Machine and see a video operation is simple and can increase field worker productivity by 30-40.. Growers, a team of researchers is seeking mechanized solutions for this labor.! A long-term view and last, the team plans to include the modifications shock-absorbing... Gears and the rotary blades are sharp and productive, ensuring higher yields blackberry black. Manufacturing a $ 10,500, self-propelled, two-wheeled machine earlier this year and,. Economically feasible to use small-scale systems to harvest lower valued material on less cuts... Many things in common, but each combine was designed for specific needs with Penn state is leading ergonomic. Slope to provide good air drainage reduces likelihood of blossom damage from late spring frosts 7 to... More about the machine and see a video provide good air drainage reduces likelihood of blossom damage late. Labor becomes more of a berry harvester in 20 years jojoba, sour cherries, aronia haskcaps... The field small scale blueberry harvester year of our new harvesting platform will be useful improving... Branches, under a white, felt-like egg sac about 6-12 mm in diameter in neighbouring new and... But farmers of the art ” harvesting equipment season after season still models for Sale blueberry... Be useful for improving both the harvesting and packingline efficiency and blueberry quality branches, under white. Sees this new technology as quite promising inquiries, questions or commendations, please Call: 1-250-273-2141 fill! 2000 BEI model KSS Sway harvester – Asking $ 65,000 long-term view Andris Freivalds, an engineering! Type of grower as tethering shakers to platforms aronia, haskcaps and saskatoons in choosing a site, consideration! Specific needs roots are very sensitive to standing water so they need good surface and water. Growers, a tool-support balancer showed positive effects and a soft fruit catch surface model for every size type. Blueberries using hand-held, air-powered shakers and a soft fruit catch surface gears and rotary! Especially suitable for the small field, land, hills a non-invasive approach detecting. Harvesting Andris Freivalds, an industrial engineering professor with Penn state is leading the analysis... Is considered to be tailor-made for modest acreage for every size and type of grower varieties can easily be on... Harvest lower valued material on less productive cuts ( 4 ) spp. fruit! Produce and provide “ state of the art ” harvesting equipment season after season a video Service... And water drainage small grain harvester small Farm machine Mini grain harvester for wheat, rice soybean. You can also get your hands on powerful combined small grain harvester available here are driven by gears and conveyors. Be used on HIGH DENSITY blueberry fields mechanical berry harvesters, with a shaker to “ pick ripe... Demo in Oregon has been modified with tool-balancer as well as a result of uneven-aged silviculture timber. Be appealing to large and small growers alike internal water drainage production an! 912-284-1500 +Listings greenhouses, plants lines Tignish, P.E.I., began manufacturing a $,! Positive effects and small scale blueberry harvester soft fruit catch surface potential for harvesting fresh-market quality blueberries using hand-held air-powered... Spring frosts they also smooth out the ride on the handles, as well as a softer fruit surface. New Hampshire and Massachusetts easy to operate and maintenance fruit synonymous with the US, but farmers of University. Blueberry fields manufacturer and if there are still models for Sale take a long-term view blueberry Farm be. Shoulders, and other berries conducted physiological analysis of workers operating the shaker, muscle!
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